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This Made from Rubber Wood Clin Driyed and Chemically Treated out Of Solid Wood, In This Against Order We Can Make Teak And Rosewood Also...This Will Be Used Instead Of Plywood And Veneer Directly We Can Polish Which We Like.

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This Made Out Of Fully Hard Wood And Highly Density And High Pressure Board Both Side Covering With Flim Used In All Construction Place In Roofing And ColumƯr Uniform Finish, This Will Be Available In 30 Kgs,34 Kgs And 38 Kgs Against Order..Water Proof.

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This Made Out Of Waste Timbers And Sugarcane Waste. Available Plain And Laminated In All Fast Colors In Various Thickness, This Will Used For Quick Office Temporary Office Setups Also Peoples Using For Pakka Office Tables And Partitions...

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This Made Out Of Timber Panel And Filled Chemical For High Density Available 4 Different Standard Sizes And Coming In White Color, We Can Make It In All Finish Giving Polish Or Paint...

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This Made Out Of Various Timbers Available In 40 Kind Of Timber Slices, Used For Interiors For Rich Look And Seems To Be Natural Timber, Like Teak Veneer, Rosewood Veneer, Sapheli Veneer, Ect...

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Sample Of Shapeli Veneers

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Pre Lam Partial Boards & MDF Boards

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We Have Mr Grade Plywood절mr Grade Plywoodଂwr Plywood젂wp Plywood젂lock Boards, Flush Doors And Film Faced Shuttering Plywoodɮ The Name Of Jokkar Ply.

The company with ISO certificate and the products with ISI certificate with special grade with is 303 and is 710.

Flush doors available at all standard sizes.